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Creating a better world

Wagnes strives to create art with purpose. Our garments are exclusively designed with materials rich in history. We use everything from revitalized antique fabrics to fashion industry surplus. We pride ourselves on extending the lifecycle of these fabrics as well as giving them the value they deserve.

Our goal is to create zero waste. Artisans cut each pattern, by hand, to maximize the yield of every piece of beautiful fabric. All scraps are saved for future garments or recycled. Avoiding excess inventory is another step toward our commitment to zero waste. Offering only a few garments in each style and size allows us to keep a pulse on trends and provides the flexibility to make changes without generating a surplus.

We are committed to helping dogs that suffer from the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry. A portion of our profits are shared with non-profit organizations that either rescue, rehabilitate and rehome or educate the public about inhumane puppy mills. All dogs deserve to live their best lives.

Wagnes believes that being a socially responsible company with a commitment to sustainability is the only way to create a better world for people, our pets and the planet.

Our story


It all started with a toy poodle named Gidget. She was an extraordinary dog with a larger than life personality. I searched everywhere but could not find a garment that reflected her vibrancy while showing the world just how special she truly was. As a high-end fashion lover, I took on the task to design and sew a special garment for my little darling. It wasn’t long until her clothing began to take over my closet!

Everywhere Gidget and I traveled we were stopped and asked where they could buy an outfit like hers. It was a wonderful feeling and a great source of pride for both of us. It was then that I decided to start fashioning beautiful garments for other extraordinary dogs.

I spent five years curating a collection of exquisite materials from all over the world and a year learning to handcraft a garment deserving of those materials. A tremendous amount of time and attention went into designing a garment with a full back and chest piece that would showcase a beautiful design without the interruption of fasteners.  

Only after learning how to construct an exquisite garment with the finest materials was wagnes born. Now, every one-of-a-kind wagnes garment is handcrafted by a single artisan with a dedication to excellence.


Your new garment with an unmistakable signature wagnes blue snap will showcase to the world just how special and extraordinary your pet truly is.


Founder and chief dog lover


Gidget wearing a custom pre-wagnes garment.
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